We have the experience and local knowledge to make your holiday extra special!!


Before you arrive
We ask you to phone us when you are leaving the airport so that we can make arrangements to meet you at the villa and show you around and if you wish we will make recommendations.

Boat hire, bycicle hire, walking tours, childrens sailing school, reserve a table in a local restaurant ..... we can advise and help you in anything to make your holiday perfect. Look at our section of things to do to find out more.

If you experience and problems

We promise we will make every effort during your holiday to ensure that everything goes as planned and we ask that you help us by letting us know at the time if you have anything with which you are not satisfied, thus giving us the opportunity to rectify matters for you. Please bear in mind that we are often in the hands of third parties as far as maintenance is concerned but we will try our hardest to keep things moving for you.


Any problems that you may have must be reported to us at the time of occurrence, not at the end of your holiday. We are sure you will appreciate that once you have returned home we are unable to regain your holiday time for you and it is therefore in everyone's interests that matters are reported to us during you stay rather than leaving it for a letter on your return home.

Our advice on mosquitos
Mosquitos are unfortunately one of the inconveniences of warm weather climate.

From the moment you arrive to your villa you should protect yourself. Below are some very easy measures you can follow to avoid being bitten.
  •       Put mosquito repelent on specially on children. Mosquitos usually start to come out just before sunset and early morning.
  •     If you are sitting outside light up some mosquito coils and position them around you.
  •     Fly sprays are very effective - spray a bedroom 20 minutes before you enter aim at the ceiling corners and under the bed. Then close the doors. When you return any mosquito will have died. This is great for bedrooms especially if you have children.
  •    The best thing against mosquitos is denim as they can´t bite through this.
  •  We can provide a mosquito welcome pack for your villa, please ask us for details.

Our advice on security

Statistically Mallorca has a good reputation from being a safe holiday destination, however, that does not mean that we do not have any problems with burglaries and thefts. If you leave the villa, leave some lights on (if you are going out for the evening), and if the villa has a radio or televison, switch it on.


The villa has a safe so it is advised to keep your valuables here as some insurance policies do not cover you if they are not in the event of a burglary – please check your policy for this. However, whilst improved security is hoped for from the use of the safe, burglars have been known to open safes or even remove them altogether from the building. If you find that the safe is not working properly, please advise us inmediately. We advise that when you go out you take your money and valuables with you.

Please note that virtually all of this type of crime is committed just after you depart for dinner, and occasionally when everybody is sitting by the poolside and the house has a back door or kitchen door has been left open.

Please ensure ALL shutters, doors and windows are properly locked when leaving the villa and before retiring to bed.

Take care

Please care of your valuables at all times, particularly when you are out and about in the resort as most holiday resorts have their share of pickpockets who specifically target tourists.


•       Upon leaving your accommodation, remember to double-lock and ensure windows and shutters are locked.

•       If staying at a villa with the pool at the rear end of the house, remember to lock the doors whilst sunbathing by the pool.

•       Be vigilant when allowing visitors into your property – we will warn you of any tradesmen coming into the villa.

•       Don't leave anything in your hire car.

•       Be suspicious of anyone wanting to help you with your belongings.

•       If you are unhappy with any aspect of security at your property, please don't hesitate to contact.


Air conditioning

If you use the air conditioning units you must ensure that all the windows and doors are closed in order for them to work effectively. Please use them sparingly as electricity is extremely expensive and a valuable resource. Never leave air conditioning units on when you go out in the evenings and remember that if you are using various electrical appliances at the same time, turn the air conditioning off to not overload the system and cause a power cut.



The height and regulations of balconies may vary from country. If you are travelling with children please ensure that they are not left unsupervised on balconies at any time.



Please note: on Spanish taps the letter ´F´ stands for ´Frio´ and means COLD. The letter ´C´ stands for ´Caliente´and means HOT. You may need to leave the tap running for a while before the water comes out hot. This is quite normal as the plumbing systems are different to UK. The tap water in many overseas destinations has a higher mineral content than we are used to in the UK and may be salty to taste and could possibly cause an upset stomach although it is fine to cook with and to clean you teeth in. We would like to recommend for you to drink bottled water.

It is worth bearing in mind that due to the water having a high mineral content it may be difficult to make your crockery and cutlery really shiny and they may appear cloudy due to the water quality. This does not mean that they are dirty. Airlocks can sometimes cause the tap water to appear brown and spurt if the tap is not regularly used. If you experience this, please let the tap run for a few minutes until the water is clear.



If you happen to break something at the property please inform us as soon as possible. As you can appreciate it is not fair on new clients arriving after yourselves to not be able to have use of certain items of equipment or furniture.



 Please do not take furniture from the house outside where the sun and water can do a lot of damage to it. Do not take pillows, cushions or blankets outside to use around the pool or on the lawn.

Also if it starts to rain please bring all cushions and make sure awnings and parasols are shut. Thank you.

Rubbish and bins
The rubbish must be taken out to the bins which are on the street. Big green containers.
Recycling of glass, plastic and paper / cardboard is also
available near by. Look for the blue, yellow and green containers.
Please remove all rubbish when checking out.

In Mallorca in the heat, and especially by the mountains there are always ants.
If food is left out they will find it - this can be an unpleasant surprise.
If eating outside remember to clear away properly a large ant trail can come very quickly even for a crumb! Empty your rubbish daily. There are sprays available at Eroski and other supermarkets that are very effective in the event of a problem.

Is not allowed inside the villa.

Medical information 

Private holiday insurance offers a greater cover with you only having to pay the excess on your policy. You will be entitled to treatment in a modern clinic with English speaking staff. Keep all receipts in order to claim back home.


Please always let us know if you need to see a doctor as there may be something we can do to assist. If you need a doctor to come to your villa then we will need to accompany him to the property otherwise he may not be able to find you.


English speaking doctor:


Calle La Gola N.4

Puerto Pollensa.


Tel: (00 34) 971 86 82 23

This telephone diverts to his mobile 24hrs.

Open: 09.00hrs – 13:30hrs and 17:00hrs – 20:00hrs


Son ESPASES – Palma             871 20 50 00

Hospital de Alcudia             971 54 73 73

Hospital de Muro                 971 89 19 00

On your last day


On the day of your departure we ask that you vacate your villa by 10am. New arrivals will expect the property to be ready by 4 pm so naturally we need to give both owners and cleaners sufficient time to ensure the property is clean and thoroughly prepared for them.


Before vacating the property

Please check the whole property for personal belongings, ensure that the safety deposit box is empty, and that you have all your passports and flight tickets. Please dispose of any last bags of rubbish, turn off the lights and heating/air conditioning and ensure that any breakages have been reported to the owner or representative and have been paid for.


If you have a late flight

We do appreciate that you may have a late return flight but it may not always be possible for you to stay longer at your villa.

If you have a late flight home on departure day (remember that check-out time is at 10:00am) , please call us we may be able to arrange a villa/apartment, facilities at a local hotel, or left luggage and toilet/shower facilities (various fees). This is on you first come, first served basis so please make sure to call no less than 72 hours before your departure to enquire further.


Car hire

We recommend a local car hire company that keep their cars at the airport. They simply let you know where the car is parked and you drive away! No queues! No contact! saving you a lot of time and hassle!. If your are returning to the airport by hire car, please ensure that at least 3 hours before your flight, to allow yourself time to travel and the obligatory 2 hour check-in. Remember not to leave your car unattended at any time if your luggage and personal belongings are in it, particularly in Palma.